Live 'n' Learn English


Homestay: Learn English in England

Progress guaranteed

English Lessons - Business English, Teacher Refresher Courses or

'Improvers' of all levels as well as Holiday English.

(age 18+)

For those who want to achieve maximum progress and enjoy themselves at the same time, we offer an ideal combination of work and leisure with full immersion in the English language and culture. Our courses are all made-to-measure, targeting your business requirements and/or personal needs.



Live and Learn English courses are normally

between 1 - 3 weeks.

We combine a unique blend of lessons with cultural visits and excursions or sporting and leisure activities. We expose clients to the widest possible range of English language to enable them to make rapid progress. 

Our courses cater for your individual needs whether you are studying business English, a teacher wishing to perfect your pronunciation or just seeking to improve your social English. YOU will be our ONLY client for the duration of your stay ensuring our continual guidance and attention.


John and Jennie's  professional experience, as well as that gained from travel and exposure to many cultures, and their ability to connect well with others, help make  your language development rapid and fun. We provide an environment conducive to learning and a package to suit every individual.

Delicious home-cooked meals, using fresh local produce, where possible, are a feature of all the courses. All meals are eaten with your hosts providing even more time to practise English in an informal




Due to the rapid success of 'Live and Learn English' we expanded in 2010 when Clare and Nick joined our team, enabling more students to be enriched by the 'Live and Learn' experience.

They have helped make this venture increasingly successful and we all work together as a united team .

We do not teach or accommodate anyone under the age of 18 years of age.