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Tailor-made English lessons for you ....

                            Types of Course


Formal 1-to-1 lessons are conducted by Jennie or Clare.

We have several different courses on offer:

Course A -  Two lessons daily, for all abilities, with plenty

of opportunity to practise speaking English.

Course B -  A popular course comprising 16 lessons per week plus accompanied excursions with your hosts.

Course C -  An intensive course for the business executive and advanced client with 7 lessons daily.

Course D - Designed by you for you - contact us via e-mail to let us know what you want.  

                     - Create your own language holiday;
                     - Combine leisure with daily English guided tours of the region accompanied by your hosts
                     - Come for 10 days to tie-in with convenient flights.

                         All courses are tailor-made to suit the needs of the client.

                         It is also possible to come for a 10 day course, please ask for details.

Depending on the course you have selected you may well have relaxed afternoons with your hosts participate in sports or go on an excursion or catching up on your homework! Evenings can be spent reading English newspapers, watching English TV, discussing topical issues with your tutors, playing board games, relaxing with a book or listening to some music and chilling out! 


We appreciate that every client is different therefore we conduct a 'needs analysis' to identify your requirements so that a suitable course package can be designed for you.

We offer clients extensive exposure to the English language and way of life within a relaxed family setting.


Format of the Course


Lessons are generally on a one-to-one basis in our studio.  Our courses offer a choice of 2, 4 or 7 lessons per day. Lessons last for 45 minutes.

Shared lessons can be arranged for a couple or for business associates. It is important that the level of English is of a similar standard.

Mealtimes provide an ideal opportunity to put your English into practice and to discuss topical issues in a relaxed atmosphere.


Excursions and cultural visits are arranged depending on the course selected. When you arrive, your hosts will help you choose the visits and activities that will fit in with your timetable and interests.